Initial Ramblings


I should be asleep by now, as usual, but being sleepless is a bitch. Just as usual.

Another night spent in front of the computer, with the constantly playing music keeping time going, untill I finally get tired enough to go to bed. Tonight, Silversun Pickups is my main company, with splices of Daft Punk, Pendulum and Tool here and there.

Usually, reading a good book helps, but quite unusually I have absolutely nothing to read. The Hichiker’s Galaxy, although hilarious, is starting to wear thin after my third read-trough last month, and I’ve read every book in my very incomplete David Eddings collection way too many times. Half my bookshelf is made up by the complete Dragonball manga, a series that stopped entertaining me years ago and is now just collecting dust. Complete Dragonball manga in swedish for sale, any takers? No? Didn’t think so.

(Book tips would be much appreciated)

I am quite new to this whole blogging business, apart from three or four posts in the blog section of a swedish forum. This time, I’ll try to keep updating with (hopefully) interesting ramblings…

00:40 and still not tired.


~ by Johnny Niska on September 12, 2008.

One Response to “Initial Ramblings”

  1. Try Lee Child’s books, they rock 🙂

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