The pains of low experience (points)

A key point in any mmorpg is the grind, the endless ammounts of content that exists to hook players and completely drain their social life. If this genre would be a spell, it would be Drain Soul.

Another important part of most mmorpgs is classes. A lot of games allow you to choose from the standard archetypes of melee dps, tank, healer, ranged and magical dps. Also, a lot of mmos further seperate player’s roles with skilltrees.

World of Warcraft, the game I am playing right now, seperates each class into three different “talent trees” which defines what spells are best, among other things. The Warlock class, for example, has the talent trees Affliction, Demonology and Destruction. Affliction focuses on putting damage-over-time effects on the target and slowly watching him die, Demonology focuses on your pets doing a larger portion of the work, and Destruction focuses on setting people on fire, dealing large bursts of damage.

Now, the Demonology and Destruction trees  are quite appealing to me. Micro-managing your pets adds another layer to combat, and Destruction is the biggest glass-canon out there. Affliction, on the other hand, is just not my thing. Slowly watching my opponents die doesn’t give me the “oomph!” of bursts or the extra layer of doing a lot of your damage with your pet.

And enter the problems with balancing the game for end-game content: Destruction just plain sucks for leveling, and Demonology is the same untill level 50 where you can get the Felguard. 50 levels basically playing a class you do not enjoy (even though you have access to fun abilities, it would be stupid to use them) is not something to be taken lightly. I love a lot of the things about the warlock class, but affliction is my least favourite of it’s aspects. I’m stuck with it ’till level 50… 20 levels to go *sigh*

I do understand the need to balance around the end-game – that’s where most of the players are anyways. But I’d give a lot for destruction or pre-50 demonology to be viable leveling specs.


~ by Johnny Niska on September 14, 2008.

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