MY hobbies are better than YOURS

Seriously, I wonder how people manage to come up with these stupid things. A hobby is just a way to pass time, entertain yourself. How, then, can someones hobby decide if he has a so-called “life” or not.

I myself watch Anime, listen to music most people would refer to as “strange” if they are being nice and “crappy as hell” if they are being honest. And I play games. When my friends are busy or I just don’t have the energy to spend time with them, I usually play some World of Warcraft or, for example, watch some anime. I have a quite small social network, made up by people I really like. I don’t spend any unnecessary time with people not in said social network, for a couple of reasons. Like making do with the number of friends I have.

Bob – a purely hypothetical person. I don’t know anybody named bob – spends his nights getting so drunk he can hardly talk, goes to parties all the time, and plays a lot of football. He has a large social network comprised of a couple of real friends, but mostly people I would described kindly as “associates”. If being honest, I would call them “assholes”.

Now, a lot of people would say Bob has a “life”, and I don’t. How is this? How can people be so obsessed over other peoples’ hobbies? How is gaming worse than getting drunk? I myself rate gaming higher than drinking – otherwise I would be like Bob – but I don’t judge people who think the other way.

I mean, why would I? I get along fine with my friends, and don’t feel the need to be an asshole in some misguided pursuit of “coolness”.


~ by Johnny Niska on September 18, 2008.

One Response to “MY hobbies are better than YOURS”

  1. you have a life and bob to… I would prefer Bobs but taste is different.. anyway don’t look down on bob’s “assholefrieds” they are funny to have and even friendship who just exists for own benefits can be extremely useful. Its nothing bad with have friends for own use, every friend are that in one or another way.

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